Core4 Technologies offers an array of business and consumer services strictly revolving around the core fundamentals of networking. Without the core, there is nothing else.

All of our services help improve our customers performance and security

From the initial design and implementation of a network, to auditing an existing infrastructure, our engineers have the experience to greatly enhance the overall functionality, stability, and scalability of any network.

Network Core Switch

Why just the core?

Many of today's IT consultants and service providers are stocked full of Microsoft, VM Ware, Storage and other engineers. While this does most good at the server level, the fundamentals of the network are neglected. Cabling, switching, routing, and security are usually left to a "default" or "good enough" state. While the network is up and running, it is hardly at a level to provide optimum level of performance. While Network+ and CCNA certifications are good, it's the experience of running large networks that gives us our edge.

Our engineers have designed and built many complex and highly scalable networks, including:

Experienced Engineers with the Right Attitude

Our engineers have the experience working with many vendors, many platforms, and many protocols. It's not only about what you know, but knowing where, or how, to get the information, and we pride ourselves on having the right attitude to get the job done right.

Many Vendors, Platforms and Protocols: