Privacy Policy

How Core4 Technologies Uses Collected Information From 4Guard VPN Sessions:

This data is maintained for use with billing, troubleshooting, service offering evaluation, TOS issues, AUP issues, and for handling crimes performed over the service. We also keep upload & download bytes at an aggregate level.

What Core4 Technologies Does NOT Collect From 4Guard VPN Sessions:

Other than keeping track of the number of bytes uploaded and downloaded, Core4 Technologies does not:

How Core4 Technologies Responds To Civil Investigations:

Core4 Technologies will not release a member's identifying information - minimal information reasonably calculated to identify and no more - or usage information to investigators, attorneys, or agencies unless we are directed to do so by a court of competent jurisdiction in the matter. If there is a hearing in court, the member will be notified so they will have an opportunity to contest the surrender of personal information.

How Core4 Technologies Responds To Criminal Investigations:

Core4 Technologies cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies, yet there must still be a subpoena in order for Core4 Technologies to provide a member's identifying information - minimal information reasonably calculated to identify and no more. In a criminal investigation Core4 Technologies is required by the Law to not divulge the fact of the investigation to the member.

What Core4 Technologies Collects From and

Core4 Technologies collects personally identifiable information from end users only through voluntary web form submissions, primarily for the purpose of enabling the purchase of services and engaging in support and other conversation. Core4 Technologies also collects anonymous information about how visitors use our website(s); for example, Core4 Technologies utilizes web analytics software to track, in aggregate, the number of unique views received by the pages of the website(s), the domains from which users originate along with many other analytical data points. Through the use of web analytics software, the Core4 Technologies website(s) may use "cookies" to assist the tracking of how users engage our website(s). A cookie is a piece of data that the web server stores on the browser's PC which the web browser will then send back to the web server on any future requests, to facilitate identification of the user should they visit the website again. While much of the information that we collect from users in this manner is not personally identifiable, it may be associated with personally identifiable information that users voluntarily provide to us through our website(s).

How Core4 Technologies Uses Information Collected From and

Core4 Technologies may use personally identifiable information collected through our website(s) to contact users regarding products and services offered by Core4 Technologies. We do not share a member's personally identifiable information with affiliates, independent contractors, business partners or outside entities for marketing purposes or otherwise. We hold your data private.