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Basic Configuration Wizard

Windows 7 has a wizard that will walk you through setting up your VPN connection to connect to the 4Guard VPN routers. This wizard will automatically select the best protocol to use, and help you configure windows VPN client. If you prefer a particular protocol, please follow this basic guide, then follow one of our other guides to select your preferred protocol.


First, click on the Start menu in Windows 7, then click on Control Panel. You should now see a window appear, such as the one below.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard



In your Control Panel window, click on Network and Internet, and your window should appear similar to the following.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard Step 2



Next, click on Network and Sharing Center, which should look like below.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard



Click on the link below your network status that says Set up a new connection or network. This will bring up the wizard that will guide you through setting up your 4Guard VPN connection.


Select Connect to a workplace, then click on the Next button.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard



On the next dialog screen, click on Use my Internet connection (VPN).

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard



In the Connect to a Workplace dialog window, you will need to enter in the information for the VPN address you wish to connect to.

For the Internet Address: field, enter in your desired location. For example, to connect to the US VPN pool, enter us.4guardvpn.com.

Give your connection a name in the Destination name: field. We suggest 4Guard VPNB. Click on the Next button at the bottom.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard



Enter your username in the User name: field. Your username should be the email address that you setup your Core4 Technologies account with. This will also have been sent back to you in an email from our system once your VPN account was created.

You will also need to enter your password in the Password: field in the dialog box. This password would also have been sent to you. If you should require a new password, please login to your Core4 Technologies portal account, if you have not already done so, and reset your VPN password.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard

You will not need to enter any information in the Domain (optional): field. Click on the Connect button. This will show you a progress/status dialog box of your connection.


If the information you provided is accurate, you will see the following dialog window when the connection has been established.

Windows 7 VPN Setup Wizard


To check that you are now connected, you can go to www.whatismyip.com and you should see that your IP address is now different. To test, you can disconnect your VPN connection, visit the provided URL and see what your IP address is before you connect. Then, connect to your 4Guard VPN connection, and visit the URL again and you will see a different IP address.

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