Network Design and Implementation

Core4 Technologies' engineering team has the experience and expertise to design the core of your business's network. From cabling and switching to routing and security, our engineers take all aspects into consideration.

Get a highly scalable and reliable network from the start

Construction companies do not build skyscrapers from the top down, and they certainly do not design a weak foundation, so why would you let your network be built the same way. Most IT service providers are only concerned with the servers and applications that run on them. It's this approach to network design that keeps the network from running as solidly as you run your business. In fact, most businesses cannot continue to function without solid network performance.

Network Design and Implementation

How much does downtime cost your business?

We all know that downtime hurts our business, but what if we could have done something from the get go to help prevent it? Sure, nothing is ever for certain, however having an expertly designed network core infrastructure can certainly enhance your network uptime. Let's face it, no amount of servers or applications are going to help improve network uptime if the foundation is poorly designed and implemented. Let our engineers help improve the foundation of your business's applications that drive your business.

Our engineers have designed and built many complex and highly scalable networks, including:

Experienced Engineers with the Right Attitude

Our engineers have the experience working with many vendors, many platforms, and many protocols. It's not only about what you know, but knowing where, or how, to get the information, and we pride ourselves on having the right attitude to get the job done right.

Many Vendors, Platforms and Protocols: