Network Audit and Reporting

Having up to date network documentation is an essential part of keeping your network running at peak performance. Sometimes, it helps to have another set of eyes take a look. Core4 Technologies' engineers are here to help.

How is my company's IT staff doing?

Everyone varies in how one documents a network. However, more times than not, network documentation, and keeping up with it, seems to fall by the way side in the day to day tasks.

How can Core4 Technologies help?

Our network audit process is designed to help ensure up to date and accurate network documentation. The network audit process will also help pinpoint the pitfalls of your business's network infrastructure, allowing our team and yours, to plot a course for adding stability, scalability, and overall network health improvement.

Network Audit and Reporting, Network Documentation

How much does downtime cost your business?

We all know that downtime hurts our business, but what if we could have done something from the get go to help prevent it? Sure, nothing is ever for certain, however having a well documented network can help reduce the amount of downtime by more quickly, and accurately pinpointing potential problems, and allowing for quicker repair.

Our engineers have designed and built many complex and highly scalable networks, including:

Experienced Engineers with the Right Attitude

Our engineers have the experience working with many vendors, many platforms, and many protocols. It's not only about what you know, but knowing where, or how, to get the information, and we pride ourselves on having the right attitude to get the job done right.

Many Vendors, Platforms and Protocols: