Core4 Technologies started as Phantom Networks LLC in March of 2008. The premise of the company back then differs from what it is today.

Phantom Networks LLC provided hosting, remote support, and traditional managed service provider solutions and services. While hosting and remote support were great parts of the industry to be in, we found a void, a great big void.

What we found was that there was an apparent lack of real understanding in the IT solutions world of what it takes to truly build a network foundation, the part that really drives the applications that many of today's businesses use to fuction and succeed. The problem is that while their business is suffering, many do not even know, or understand that their systems were poorly designed and installed, hindering the true performance potential of their networks. In order to better convey our change in focus as a company, we decided to change the name to Core4 Technologies LLC, showing that we deal with the foundation of the OSI model, that drives all network communications.

What's wrong with the network?

To start, usually cabling. Most problems begin at the simplest level. Poorly terminated cabling, cabling run across ceiling light fixtures, cables run and intertwined with power cabling all cause performance issues.

Network Core Switch

What else could be wrong?

To state that many network switches and routers are installed with the configuration left as "default" is an understatement. No real attention to any form of security or segmentation is given. Just changing a few settings could improve scalability, stability, and security, however most IT shops do not even bother with this, all attention is given to the servers and applications. You'd be surprised just how many servers are left to default configurations, especially servers hung out on the Internet directly.

So where does the VPN service come in?

Our team, from executives to engineers, have all come from the carrier and service provider realm. During our days, we have seen many of these VPN providers setups. While there are many good ones out there, we knew that we could do better. How? Simple, we have drawn on our experience and knowledge of designing and running large-scale complex networks. In the telecom and service provider realm, we don't often find equipment used to deliver service that has moving parts. Moving parts tend to break down faster, and we don't mean cooling fans. Hard drives fail quite often, mostly due to the design of the hard drives. They're going to fail faster, and more often than solid state, which is the storage device for most all carrier class routers and switches.

Core4 Technologies engineers have experience with routing, switching and security protocols, moreso than the technical staff of most other VPN providers, which run primarly on servers, with Windows techs running the day to day operations. That is not to say that's a bad thing, just not as good as we can do.

Our engineers have designed and built many complex and highly scalable networks, including:

Experienced Engineers with the Right Attitude

Our engineers have the experience working with many vendors, many platforms, and many protocols. It's not only about what you know, but knowing where, or how, to get the information, and we pride ourselves on having the right attitude to get the job done right.

Many Vendors, Platforms and Protocols: