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With ever increasing mobility of Internet users, the threat of identity theft, among other threats, one must act to help defend themselves from prying eyes. 4Guard VPN is there to help provide increased anonymity and security while interacting on the Internet.

Core4 Technologies has been providing network and security services for many years to businesses and Internet data centers, and we know what it takes to provide a solid, user oriented service. With our aim to make our 4Guard VPN service as user friendly as possible, we have come up with the best method to provide our users with enhanced privacy and security, and at little cost.

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Not all VPN services are the same!

Ensure that you choose your VPN service provider carefully. There are many companies that are just starting up, and may have other reasons for collecting your data. Core4 Technologies LLC has been in business since early 2008, and has grown year over year.

As well, having dealt with service provider and Internet data center networks for over a decade, our engineers have seen how some of the other "VPN Providers" run their services, and we know we can do better by our customers.

VPN Node Cluster Locations:

4Guard VPN was designed with the user in mind, providing:

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